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Schaltbau products for material handling

Electric stackers are the first choice where zero emissions and noise reduction are paramount. They work highly reliably, are resilient and highly energy efficient. Powerful electric vehicle batteries with a high storage capacity and short charging cycles ensure that plenty of electric energy is available for two or more shifts without changing batteries. This is where the proven charging connectors from Schaltbau come in.

With its combi contactor, Schaltbau supports industrial truck manufacturers in realising their request for customised equipping of the vehicles.

Schaltbau products for material handling

LV charging connectors for electric stackers

Charging connectors for electric stackers

Thanks to their modular design, the Schaltbau charging connectors provide scalable solutions between the vehicle, battery and charger. The LV-HPC series ensure safe power transmission up to 400 A. This makes it possible to charge the batteries of industrial trucks in short intervals, meaning that they are quickly available for use again. Energy, air, water and data can be provided via a single charging interface.

Battery and combi contactors

Combi contactors

The C130 combi contactor supports the modular design concept of modern industrial trucks and follows the trend towards integration. It combines numerous functions in a single device: emergency switch, main contactor, auxiliary contacts, and fuses – thus obviating the need for installing, wiring and checking individual parts. The equipping can be adapted to the customer’s specific needs.

Contactor C110B

Battery contactors

Schaltbau contactors are ideal for switching direct currents from 60 A to 320 A, and for battery voltages up to 80 V. In electric stackers, the series C110B and C137 up to C165 are used as either the main or auxiliary contactor. Their features are in accordance with the requirements for traction batteries of industrial trucks and other battery-powered vehicles.

Snap-action switches for tiller head switches

Snap-action switches

Schaltbau snap-action switches are ideally suited for systems with high safety requirements, such as tiller head switches in pedestrian-operated industrial trucks.
The S870 and S880 series ensure the reliable functioning of the anti-trap protection in electric pedestrian stackers. Triggering the tiller head switch prevents the operator from becoming trapped between tiller head and obstacle.